GREEN EILEEN Workshop Series: Deconstructed | Reconstructed Sweaters

Last week, our Seattle location hosted one of our most exciting Artist Workshops yet. Inspired by the Deconstruction fashion movement, participants were invited to break down 2 sweaters to their core components and combine them into one unique and beautiful sweater.

Below are some photos of the process.

IMG_0723(Participants choose their sweaters, deconstruct, and pin them together, focusing on the aspects of the sweaters they would like to highlight.)

IMG_0732(Cutting chunks out of the sweaters helps highlight layering methods.)

IMG_0752(Some hand sewing.)

IMG_0730(And some machine sewing.)


(A finished product!)

Because interest around this workshop was so high, we have plans to host another one soon. If you're in the Seattle area and would like to participate, be sure to sign up on our email list for the latest information (select the GREEN EILEEN option).

January 29th, 2015