Why White Vinegar is Your Laundry’s Best Friend

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The distilled white vinegar you keep in your kitchen is great for tenderizing meats and giving a kick to your salad, but did you know it's also a terrific companion to your laundry detergent?

Vinegar is a weak acetic acid--strong enough to dissolve the alkalines of soapy residues, but gentle enough to help care for your clothes. Here's how:

  1. Fight odor - Whether it's mildew, smoke, or general mustiness, adding a 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar to your washing machine's rinse cycle will help eradicate the smell without leaving behind a vinegary scent.
  2. Brighten whites and intensify blacks - Using too much detergent can leave a soapy residue behind on your clothes, which can cause whites to yellow and blacks to appear dull and faded. Including vinegar in your rinse cycle will dissolve the residue and help the color of your clothes appear more true.
  3. Soften fabrics - Vinegar is a natural fabric softener--again, that troublesome alkaline residue left behind by detergents can make your clothes stiff and coarse. Using vinegar during a rinse and reusable wool dryer balls* as you dry is a less harmful and less wasteful way to soften your garments without the toxic chemicals found in dryer sheets.

Another thing we love about distilled white vinegar is the cost--compared to conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets, the price of a jug of vinegar is a steal.

And that's not even including the wonders it can work as a cleaning agent in your bathroom and kitchen....



*Reusable wool dryer balls are currently available for purchase at our retail location in Yonkers, NY, and soon to be available in Seattle, WA.

May 14th, 2015